Best Pizza choices in Playa del Carmen.

So who doesn’t  Love, Love, Love… Pizza?? We personally can’t think of a soul- Really.
Sunday was ”National Pizza Day”, needless to say, that we celebrated by enjoying Pizza All Day, followed by Salads, Monday and Tuesday, of course :).
A little slice of Pizza History
The name Pizza dates back to 997 A.D. in Gaeta, Italy located on the coast between Rome and Naples.
There are some theories on how the name was derived;
The first theory states that the word ¨Pizza¨was taken from an old German word, Pizzo, which meant mouthful.
During the 16th Century in Naples, a galette or free-formed crusty yeast-based bread was referred to as a pizza which was a dish for poor people. It was sold in the streets and not considered a kitchen recipe for some time.
Pizza gained popularity in the 18th Century and soon became a tourist attraction as visitors to Naples ventured into the poorer areas of the city to try the local specialty.
In 1843 French author, Alexandre Dumas described the diversity of pizza toppings. And a story often told, that on June 11,1889, in honor of the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, a Neapolitan pizza maker named Raffaele Esposito, created the Pizza Margherita, a pizza garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil, to represent the national flag colors of Italy.
The innovation that led to Flat Bread Pizza was the use of tomato as a topping. Pizza later evolved into a type of bread and tomato dish often served with cheese.
Today, we can top our Pizza as we wish, with almost anything and with a variety of savory bread or crust types, i.e. Thin, Thick, Stuffed, Double crusted, Cheese, Focaccia, etc.
For those of you who wish to have Pizza during your stay with us at Vimex Vacation Rentals below, you will find some recommendations here in Playa del Carmen.
Lunchtime Pizza Favorites Eateries in and around Playa del Carmen who deliver:
Pizza Hut-          Website:    Juarez Avenue between 30th and 35th Avenue
Boston´s            Website:   Avenida Constituyentes Esquina Con 115 Col. Ejido, Playa del Carmen 77710

Dominos            Website: Domino´s Pizza – Inicio     Avenida Juarez 1, Centro, Playa del Carmen
Don Pepperoni   Paseo Xaman ha – Lote 16 local 3  
City Club (No Delivery- Cash & Carry out- *Whole Sale Club- Membership required)  Carretera 307  Plaza Soriana (Centro Maya)
perche no
Dine-out Dinner Pizza Favorite Restaurants:
Perche’ No          Av Balamcanché, Manzana 30 (Off-Highway 307 towards Cancun next to Hospiten in Playacar)
Don Chendo       30 Avenida Nte. / 24th and 26th Street Nte
Salentos             Calle 46 Nte (CTME) 
Piola´s                Av. 38 Norte between 5th and Cozumel
Don Mario´s       Av. 10 Norte (DOWNTOWN CENTRO)
Casa Sofia´s       Av. Aviación  
La Famiglia         Av. 10  Between 10 & 12 (DOWNTOWN CENTRO)

So…shall we dig into some Pizza? We are ready!

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